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Whenever You Need Fiat Money, Sell Your Crypto In A Few Clicks

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User Friendly Crypto Selling System

Since crypto volatility is high, selling is an efective way to reduce the risk. Use bitMahavi service to exchange crypto to fiat, receive or transfer money to or from friends and family

1Register Account

Create an account, login in and exchange your crypto currency then enter your card or bank details which are required to withdraw the money.

2 Your wallet

Once registered, you will have your very own crypto/fiat wallet. You can use our wallet to make payments or receive crypto/fiat online.

3Mobile App

You can download and use our mobile wallet so you can access your funds from your pocket. By using our mobile app, you can exchange crypto at any given moment.

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You Can Send Crypto/Fiat From Your Mobile Phone

If you need to send crypto simply scan the QR code or enter the crypto address and hit send

Use the bitMahavi Mobile App To Easily Receive Crypto/Fiat.

To receive crypto, go to wallet and select your favorite crypto or fiat and share your QR code.

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Using bitMahavi Wallet & Exchange Cryptocurrency System

Transfer funds to your friends & family globally or exchange your favorite crypto coin through the bitMahavi mobile app. You can send/request via different type of Payment Gateway with different currencies.