Buy, Sell and Exchange Bitcoin in a minute using bitMahavi services.

We have extended our services throughout the major cities of Romania, benefitting the buyers and sellers to attain our services from anywhere. Since the services are available 24/7, this helps us to be there for our clients whenever they want to invest or utilize their savings. We have indulged ourselves in providing convenience for everyone, either through in-house or online protocols. If you want to find out more about bitMahavi, we invite you to scroll down or to speed up the process, just click below for a quick recap over the years.

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24/7 Services

Our services offered through ATMs are available 24/7, in carefully selected locations, offering privacy regardless of the nature of the transaction.

Instant Cashout

Our customers can find our situated ATM’s in regions where the areas are secure and instantly cash out. The locations where the ATM’s are installed will always offer our customers privacy, safe and comfortable place to sell or buy cryptocurrency no matter if its day or night

Fully Encrypted

Our ATM’s are fully enticed with the latest technology. It means you can make transactions after confirmation directly into cash or get crypto in your wallet by visiting our main offices.

Safe And Secure

We will never leave you alone during hard and insecure times since our ATMs are so highly manufactured with the latest microchips. Rest assured that if you have troubles, we will make a priority fixing the issue you might have or guide you step by step. No matter the problem is, we are here for you.


Buy, Sell & Exchange Bitcoin - bitMahavi

Since most of our experts have ten years of experience in FinTech, we assist our customers in every way possible throughout the process. The engagement is continuous until the investor has money in hand, and benefits from our services.


Send Money Anytime, Anywhere In a Minute

As soon as you insert the amount of money that needs to be transferred from local currency to digital currency, our ATM’s will send cryptocurrency instant. If you need to do this using our website, don’t worry, we got you cover. Now you can send or receive money instantly using our online website through our newly introduced technology.

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Cash Pickup

Our Ways Of Transfer Money

For accommodating our customers every way possible, we do not cling to only one method. We provide complete convenience and facile methods for your visitations and maximize our services by ensuring everything is one touch away from you.

Cash Pickup

You can get cash directly from our sites, located in various regions of Romania. We have maintained our top-notch services to accommodate you as much as we can.

Mobile Banking

You can get a hold of all the transactions from your mobile phone. We have launched our website to assist in mobile banking, money transfer and cryptocurrency exchange

Bank Deposit

You can also transfer your digital currency directly into the bank account. Your verifications will compel us into believing your authenticity, and allow immediate transfers.

Bitcoin NFC Card

Don’t have a wallet? Don’t worry, we got you cover. Our advanced ATMs have such instigated technology that you can deposit your cryptocurrency into cards too. Along with the NFC card, you will also get the back-up details for safe keeping.

Bitcoin NFC Card

Get your NFC Bitcoin Card for easy buy/sell

Why should you get and use your own Bitcoin NFC Card? The bitcoin ATM’s industry is expanding making cryptocurrency available to every corner of the country and around the world so people can get access in no time to cryptocurrency technology. Nowadays, most ATM’s are supporting NFC (Same as Contactless) and for this reason, you can use bitMahavi Bitcoin NFC Card to any crypto ATM’s in Romania or Europe to buy and sell cryptocurrency. One of the main advantages is that you can withdraw money to a cryptocurrency ATM around Romania and Europe by using the card same as using bank cards with the same technology by using contactless when you buy grocery. Check out the video on how you can get your bitMahavi Bitcoin NFC Card.

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Every year on Bucharest Fashion Week, our team of high regards conveys our message practically. We work hard to facilitate our customers and ensure their credibility and liability on us. We have inaugurated our new ATMs in Romania with the latest technology, continuously for over three years now. We first evolved into the crypto world in 2017 and became official sponsors of Fashion Week, Bucharest Tech Week, and IMWorld (Go-Tech World).

Bucharest Tech Week 2019 - bitMahavi
bitMahavi la Bucharest Technology Week 2018