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Why choose us?

24/7 Services

Our services offered online and through Bitcoin ATMs are available 24/7. The ATMs are placed in carefully selected locations, offering privacy regardless of the nature of the transaction.

Fast Transfer

Whether you need urgent cash outs or transfers, we believe in being there for you with our technical solutions!

Fully Encrypted

Customers data security and privacy is our priority. Safe and discreet place to buy or sell cryptocurrency!

Help & Support

Rest assured that if you have troubles, we will make a priority fixing the issue you might have or guide you step by step. No matter the problem is, we are here for you.

What can you do?


Payment API

Enables ecommerce businesses to seamlessly manage and optimize the payments process for both businesses and shoppers


Online Payments

Whether it is credit, debit or bank account you can pay by your preferred way.


Mobile Banking

Our website is here to assist in mobile banking, money transfer and cryptocurrency exchange.


News & Analysis

Crypto market, technical and macroeconomic analysis designed by a team with 8+ years experience trading crypto and forex. If you are bored of the same analyzes that you can find everywhere, try our News and Analysis section.

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Where can you use our services?


Easily create your own store and add products. A complete e-commerce with maintainability and efficiency to make an organized store for you.


Do not hesitate to compete with a lot of events. A beautiful and easily trackable event management is provided for making your tasks get done easier.

Mobile Recharge

Easily top-up airtime and data at the world's leading mobile operators and makes payments using any of their wallets on the system.

Instant Onboarding

Merchants can get payments instantly from anywhere, anytime without any hassle. A simple and better way to expand your business.


Allow your customers to make payment for bookings or appointments in a quick, easy and secured process that suits them the most.

Crypto Payment

A powerful solution that allows your customers to make payment using crypto coins including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin.

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How does it work?

Create Account

Provide your credentials, create your own account and explore. Creating account is so easy.

Send/Request Amount

Send or request any amount to your preferred one within seconds. Just search the desired one and send or request for money.

Select Payment Method

Providing you multiple options to pay according to your desired payment method such as PayPal, Stripe, CoinPayments and many more.


After all the steps done above just confirm with your preference and that's it. Welcome to successfull transaction.

Payment Processors