Our Services

We have experienced experts with immense knowledge of bitcoin and invest our time by instigating authentic protocols. The ideal nature of our services that’s proffer forward is the reason for our well-marked reputation. Weekly we will post information about the evolution of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency around the world. We will do the research for you and filter fake news for better understanding and investing in cryptocurrency.

Send Money

You can send money to anywhere in the world, without worrying about existential fees. There are no hidden charges. You can share your digital currency or local currency through our ATMs or online.

Receive Money

You can send money, whereas receiving it as well. The cash can be by hand, deposit directly into the bank, or through card banking. We believe in long-term professional growth with our customers by providing facile services.

Pay Online

You can also make a bank transfer or card deposit. The bitcoin won’t harm the nature of the bank currency. Things will move more faster using the technology behind bitcoin called BLOCKCHAIN.

What We Do For You

We will help you stay up-to-date with the bitcoin volatility. Our high graded ATMs have the latest technology instilled inside with power drives and touch screens.

Avoid Buying Cryptocurrency From Unknown Persons

To many persons have lost their money trying to buy cryptocurrency from unknown or untrusted persons. Using our ATM’s, you can rest assure that the cryptocurrency you buy will arrive instantly in your wallet, that’s why we make every way possible so you can feel safe and secure when talking about buying cryptocurrency.

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Do Not Risk Your Cryptocurrency

Do not risk your cryptocurrency by meeting questionable people you do not trust or never meet them and sell your cryptocurrency. Because of the nature of Bitcoin, transfer is irreversible and you can lose your cryptocurrency by dealing with people you do not know. For an easy sale, you can one of our ATM’s and you can rest assure that your safe transfer is our responsibility. The whole setup revolves around this idealistic nature of security and safety.

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Cash Withdraw

Even online exchanges can create your problems and delays when trying to sell cryptocurrency. Most of transfers will be blocked by the banks or sometimes you risk the closure of your bank account when dealing with online exchanges. We invite you to watch the video on how easy is to get the money in hand when dealing with our ATM’s.

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Why Choose Us

Our financial systems are evolved, and technology approved that choosing us will become your most acceptable decision.

Fast Transfer

Whether you need urgent cash outs or transfers, we believe in being there for you every way possible. Out ATMs are working 24/7 along with the team.

Low Cost

We provoke competition for our competitors through considerable prices, without any external requirements.

Trusted And Secure

We have built trust for our customers through our extremely secure servers. Our software is unhackable, and your whole cryptocurrency is safe in our accounts.

Complete Solution

Our advanced ATMs and online customization help you send or receive anywhere in the world. The proficiency is maintained through our integrated systems.

We Made The Easiest Possible Way To Transfer Money

Since we have introduced various ways for you to send or receive money, you can rely on us for other facilities too. We have always strived to explain blockchain technology by having our names integrated with various programs as sponsors.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to put forward the idea that digital currency is not as futile as everyone is getting heed about. The whole recognition we have obtained ever since our launch in 2017 wavers our enthusiasm into building more and become invulnerable in terms of the invested money.

Our Vision

Since our introduction of ATMs in more prominent regions of Romania has achieved success through attention, we ensure consistent work for continuous growth. We do not contravene on one software, instead proffer to facilitate you as much as possible.

Our Goal

We have envisioned our goals as facile and impregnable in terms of services. We believe in the blockchain technology powered by bitcoin, that’s why we see bitcoin more than a digital currency that you can exchange for fiat. Our online position will not be just to exchange bitcoin, but more a way to store, spend, send and receive digital currency across the internet. As always, we will do our absolute best to ensure you have what it takes to safely and securely invest in cryptocurrency. Thank you to all our users who have stood by us and believed in us. More great things are on the way!